A Patient’s Hypnotism Experience

The following is an actual account of a Counseling Hypnotism session, from woman who received hypnotism to work through a childhood trauma.

I am a 26 year old, single woman. In my early teens, I was abused by a family member. For years, I was under the care of various psychotherapists. Despite the intense therapy I received, at the hands of very qualified professionals, I was unable to overcome my issues with trust, low-self esteem, the need to constantly be on the run, and self-destructive behavior. It was my last psychotherapist, who suggested that I undergo a Counseling Hypnotism session. After 9 years of failed attempts at overcoming the effects of the abuse, I figured what did I have to loose?

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During my appointment, I lied on a couch, and was surrounded by candle light and a comfortable atmosphere. The Counseling Hypnotist walked me through a series of relaxation techniques, designed to relax my entire body. She asked me to feel my arms, and flex the muscles in my arms and then relax them. This went on until my body was physically relaxed. She began walking me through the period of time where the abuse first began and then the major events over the years following the abuse. At the time, I was following her direction and allowing my mind’s eye to visualize the world around me.

When the session was over, I realized that the abuse, which I thought lasted a few months, actually lasted a few years. My conscious mind had somehow meshed those years together into what seemed like a very brief period of time. I had, and still have, a distorted recollection of time when recalling events year over year. I was amazed at how different my perceptions were from the reality of the situation.

While you might think that the therapy session brought me more grief, it did not. After I had the opportunity to think about it, I felt more in control of my feelings and actions up until that point in my life. The session empowered me to understand the totality of my situation, which led me to a better understanding of my erratic behavior. I also, for the first time, decided to put the matter to rest. Somehow, that gnawing feeling of unrest in my head was subdued. After some time, I was able to move on with my life.

People know when there is something out of whack with themselves. For example, you may know that you are smart enough to earn that degree, but there is some reason why you cannot commit. Don’t accept the explanation that somehow you are just a little broken. Call a Counseling Hypnotist to overcome whatever it is that is holding you back.

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