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Why Marriages Fail

Most people know that opposites attract. But most people do not know that it is this same oppositeness that can lead to the breakup of marriages. Good marriages can be the result of good sex, good communication, and good financial practices. Relationship counseling mostly deals with sex and communication issues. However, of the two basic hypnotic personalities I will discuss below, the Physically Suggestible/ Sexual person generally does not manage money very well. The Emotional Suggestible/Sexual is usually the one who manages his/her finances quite well.

As I mentioned above, humans possess two basic hypnotic personality characteristics: suggestibility and sexuality. This means that we are all suggestible and we’re all sexual beings. Suggestibility is the result of our learning as we interact with our environment. Suggestibility comes from our primary caretaker, usually our mother. Our sexuality comes from our secondary caretaker, usually our father. Within each of these characteristics, we have many variations of Physical and Emotional Suggestibility and Physical and Emotional Sexuality.

Physicals and Emotionals are completely opposite in their communication styles. Emotionals communicate their feelings through their actions. For example, just being with you expresses their feelings towards you. Emotionals believe that feelings/actions speak louder than words, and they live by that rule.

Physicals, on the other hand, believe that words are the key to communication. They say what they feel, often without thinking. What another person does [actions] doesn’t mean much to the Physical. It is what they say that is important to them. When the Emotional doesn’t say how they feel toward the Physical, the Physical interprets that as a rejection. The Emotional cannot understand why the Physical reacts that way. The Physical has to explain everything is detail, whereas, the Emotional prefers to get straight to the point.

In the beginning of their relationship, it was through communication that helped attract the Physical and Emotional to one another. Each thought they agreed on everything, such as values, morals, and what each wanted and didn’t want in a relationship. They both seemed to be on the same wavelength. But the words they both spoke meant entirely different things to each other. They simply glossed over or ignored the differing interpretations. The chemistry between them allowed them to be mutually forgiving the minor faults they saw in each other.

But when the newness wore off, reality began to set in. Communications began to be more difficult. It seemed that one spoke Greek and the other Yiddish. What happened? It is the way Emotionals and Physicals process information is a great source of conflict. Statistics reveal that problems with communication and with sex cause 80% of all relationship breakups, with the other 20% resulting from financial disagreements.

By taking the Kappas Suggestibility/Sexuality Inventory, you will see why you’re having marital or other relationship problems. Using this information will help you resolve those conflicts, putting your marriage or other relationship back on tract. Call for an appointment today. You won’t regret it.

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