Repressed Memory Therapy

Counseling Hypnotists work with clients to locate memories that have been repressed by the conscious mind, and dropped into the unconscious part of the mind. Usually these are traumatic memories from the client’s life. The mind will automatically block out part or all of highly painful and traumatic memories to protect the person. This is referred by experts as repressed memory syndrome. Clients who are victims of crime, witnesses to murders or have experienced childhood trauma, and other events undergo hypnotism to fill in memory gaps and resolve any outstanding issues that may be a result of these memories. Since the client is not aware of the full memory, he/she is not aware of the potential reasons for depression, anger or other manifestations of the memory. Repressed memories may be recovered years after the actual event. Most times, the client will get a glimpse of the memory due to some trigger, perhaps a smell, taste, or other stimuli, which jogs the memory. The Counseling Hypnotist works with the client to pinpoint the source of the memory and recall it in a controlled and safe environment.

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