Free yourself from your past and create a life that you will love through time line hypnosis

Most people have heard about someone recalling a past life event during a hypnosis session that they were previously unaware of.  Others live their lives in a perpetually depressed and unfulfilled state because of unresolved life experiences. Too often, without being aware of it, people’s unwanted behaviors and negative feelings are a result of emotionally damaging and negative events from their past. These memories have a substantial influence over how we choose to live our lives and approach situations on a daily basis.

Timeline therapy was first used by Tad James in 1985. It has become a major modality for changing life patters and instilling life long change, across a wide spectrum. Time line therapy combines Ericksonian Hypnosis with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Through these methods, patients are able to release the sadness, fear and shame associated with past events. The client does not forget the event, but rather change their response to it. The result is a new approach to life events that results in positive change and a sense fulfillment, control and inner peace.

Time Line Therapy uses the patient’s internal time line to walk their subconscious mind through the event with a new perspective. No longer is the person a victim, a child, or emotionally weak. Instead, they subconsciously relive the events with strength, resolve, and a new found understanding of reality.

While time line therapy will not eradicate the past events, it will put them into a perspective where they no longer trigger negative behavior and feelings. For example, a physically abused child manifests those life experiences by becoming timid, submissive, and a life long victim. Through timeline therapy, the person recalls the most severe and memorable of the abuse events. The hypnotist works with the person to realize that the abuse did not define her, nor sentence her to be a perpetual victim. The technique views the events through the eyes of an adult, instead from the perspective of a child, as the person had been throughout her adult life.  The subconscious mind tends to hold onto the memory as it was first experienced and solidifies those feelings during adult life. Time line therapy gives the person a new perspective on an old event.

As a result, the person will be freed from those negative feelings. Moving forward, the subconscious mind will not turn to these past events for cues on how to live in the present, but rather store them away as static memories. Since most people are unable to tap into their subconscious mind without assistance, they cannot talk themselves through these past memories and affect lasting change. The conscious mind usually already understands that abuse does not define a person, but is unable to overpower the subconscious mind’s ability to draw inferences from these events.

If you are holding onto past events and allowing them to dictate your current existence, give a hypnotist a call. In a few sessions, you can eradicate the negative implications from the past and be free to write your own destiny.

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